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  • February 16, 2021

    1:00 PM - Webinar Express

    The coronavirus pandemic has elevated the relevance of reputation and relationships in marketing. Over the past year, businesses with a clear vision and purpose have stood out, while those who have failed to act responsibly have been exposed.  

    But the seemingly unending uncertainty has made it challenging for marketers to know what they should be doing, both tactically and in terms of implementing or redefining marketing strategies.

    In this webinar, strategic marketing consultants Jade Tambini and Georgina Lewindon, together with data and analytics consultant Sameer Rahman, will answer some of the pertinent questions at the forefront of marketing professionals’ minds. Drawing on their versatile combined experience, they’ll provide practical advice for how to position your marketing strategy over the next few months to enable your business to recover and grow. 

    This session will provide guidance to address the following questions:

    • How do we build on our brand to help it stand out?
    • How can we improve our employer brand?
    • What should we do about rebranding or launching a new brand?
    • How can we understand our customers’ changing behaviour and thoughts?
    • How can we define realistic objectives for post Covid-19?
    • What should we be spending on marketing right now?
    • How do we pivot our business and proposition in line with these trends?
    • How can we look at the market, consumer and internal data to define our business for the future?
    • Which data we should be looking at and where is it available?

    About the speakers:-
    Jade Tambini is the owner of Tambini Marketing, a marketing consultancy focused on results. An award-winning professionally qualified CIM marketer with 16 years’ experience, Jade’s professional experience includes running an international marketing department as Head of Marketing for FTSE 100 company DS Smith Plc and has worked for a variety of businesses up to Director level.

    Jade has extensive experience in brand and marketing strategy, leading and implementing large scale rebrands and brand positioning projects. She was also previously Chair of The Chartered Institute of Marketing Wales Board.

    Georgina Lewindon is the owner of Glew Marketing, a strategic marketing consultancy which helps small businesses develop a more structured and integrated approach to their marketing. A CIM qualified Chartered Marketer with a research-based masters degree, she has 16 years of experience building and managing marketing functions across a diverse range of industries and sectors.

    Georgina’s past experience saw her responsible for strategic marketing, brand development, stakeholder engagement, communications and event management for a variety of organisations including the internationally renowned Law School at Cardiff University. She is also a member of the CIM Wales Board.

    Sameer Rahman - Head in data, heart in marketing; is the best way to describe Sameer. Voted by Data IQ as Top 100 Data leaders and influencers in the UK in 2020. Sameer is a business leader who uses data as the lynchpin and key asset to drive organisational growth, and who uses the art of leveraging data to do something meaningfully different in the market. A visionary data and insight leader with experience of influencing business practices at all levels, right from improving campaign performance, increasing customer lifetime value, uncovering new market opportunities to using data to disrupt business models. Sameer champions data and analytics democratisation across organisations and is an automation expert having led analytics automation in the form of auto machine learning, data preparation and auto visualisation of reporting. 

    Through the application of data science, Sameer has helped optimize marketing budgets in excess of £80m, identified new market opportunities, developed product portfolios and changed business culture to more data-led and informed decision making. One of the very early adopters of augmented analytics and machine learning technologies using it to reshape business practice. Sameer is a thought leader, published international author on predictive modelling, prominent blogger and conference speaker on various data science related topics.

    The webinar is kindly hosted by CIM Wales and lasts approximately 40-45 minutes inclusive of a Q&A session after the presentation. 

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    Speakers: Georgina Lewindon, Jade Tambini and Sameer Rahman


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