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  • May 01, 2024

    1:00 PM - Marketing Club

    Learn what it takes to take achieve big social results by using influencers. In the digital age, where every like, share, and comment holds the potential to boost brand visibility, leveraging influencers has become a pivotal strategy for brands aiming to make a significant impact on social media. 

    "Influencers unleashed" is the topic for this webinar - designed to equip social media enthusiasts with actionable insights and strategies to harness the power of influencers for monumental social media success. You’ll learn what is needed to be a success when deploying an influencer to promote a brand; how to select the influencer for a specific brand, and what skills, knowledge and behaviours are required to operate successfully in the world of influencers.

    Speaker: Abraham Charles, Founder and CEO of Each & Everyone (eaeo)

    Each & Everyone is a modern social influence agency that forges meaningful relationships with content that inspires action through social media.

    What is the CIM Marketing Club?
    The CIM Marketing Club has been specifically created to help university students get the most from their CIM Accredited Degree and prepare them for a career in marketing. In addition to regular newsletters the CIM Marketing Club offers a series of webinars throughout the year covering the latest trends and employability skills required for a successful marketing career.

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    Speakers: Abraham Charles


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