April 28, 2017

9:30 AM - Hatfield

You will already need to have a reasonable grasp of analytics and know the basics of CRM to get the most out of this Bootcamp as we will be diving deep to reveal the latest developments and techniques. Here’s a flavour of what will be covered.

We’ll be diving deep in the detail of these two digital essentials and bringing to the surface some of the latest developments and techniques. Here’s a flavour of what will be covered.

Google Analytics is giving us more and more data about our users, and how they use our websites, so it's easy to be overwhelmed.

In this session, we'll look at:
• The new suite of tools available from Google, what they offer, and how they can make your life easier
• How you can identify your websites users, and understand their behaviour
• How you can measure marketing activity effectively
• How you can efficiently report back to the business without wasting time.

CRM: Who are the 20% of customers that deliver 80% of your profits? How can you find more customers like these, and retain the ones you already have?

In this session we'll put the 'C' back into CRM and look at:
• The technology landscape; databases, email marketing, mobile and social
• How to know and grow your best customers
• How to attract similarly profitable customers in future
• How to develop a customer retention and loyalty strategy
• How to use B2C and B2B, CRM technology effectively, to quickly turn data into insight - and insight into action.

CPD category: Digital Integration
Duration: 5 hours

Registration and networking is from 09:30, the event starts at 10:00 and finishes at 16:00. If you are non-EU resident, please call the Network Support team to make your booking.

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Beales Hotel
Comet Way
AL10 9NG
United Kingdom

Sector: Non-specific

Region: East-England
Map link: click here

Speakers: Darren Bond & Justin Bowser


  • Member: £100
  • Studying member: £50
  • Student: £50
  • Non-member: £150