September 27, 2017

6:00 PM - London

Taylors of Harrogate, the tea and coffee company best known for the 'Yorkshire Tea' brand and its sister business 'Bettys', were the winners of our Excellence in Marketing award which was presented at the Food, Drink and Agriculture Group’s 12th Presidents Dinner.

Our award is given to companies on a number of factors - these include the longevity of the business, success in multi-channels, a strong sense of corporate social responsibility throughout the business, success in export markets, a strong track record of innovation and overall success in the face of fierce international competition - which Taylors demonstrated excellence in all areas.

Dom Dwight, Marketing Director for Taylors, will present how their brands have evolved over the years, in addition to giving an insight into what might lie ahead. He will focus his presentation on the journey of the 'Yorkshire Tea' brand over the last decade, sharing insights into how it became the UK’s favourite FMCG brand and the only brand to achieve consistent growth in the shrinking everyday tea market.

Dom will also give the inside track on their latest TV campaign, which featured Sir Michael Parkinson, the Brownlee brothers and The Kaiser Chiefs. Finally, he will also share some of the challenges regarding the Taylors of Harrogate ‘masterbrand’ and a new strategy to bring their tea and coffee marketing together under the umbrella of a single, powerful idea.

CPD Category: Strategy
Duration: 2 hours

Registration and networking is from 18:00; the event starts at 18:45 and finishes at 20:45. If you are a non-EU resident, please contact the Network Support team to make your booking.

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4 Playhouse Yard
United Kingdom

Sector: Food Drink and Agriculture

Region: London
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Speakers: Dom Dwright


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