February 27, 2018

6:00 PM - Norwich

Video content has become an invaluable platform in marketing your business and with so many free social media avenues to utilise, everyone is producing videos. So how do you make your video, and ultimately your
product, stick out from the rest?

At our second UEA/CIM Marketing Club event we are going to talk about the few seconds you have to capture your audience interest, keep them watching to the end and taking that viewer into the next step of potential paying
customer/client. We will give you the advice you need, based on our knowledge and experience and set you the task of producing a short eight second video at the workshop. We hope to provide you with invaluable insights you can take away and apply to your own businesses.


Richard Prendergast - Founder of SubMotion Productions

Richard has been a cameraman for over 10 years and founded SubMotion Productions in 2013. Since then he has directed various projects from corporate business to business concepts for Barclays and Aviva, through to sports documentaries for Sky and BT Sport. His attention to detail is outstanding and his ability to translate ideas into engaging video
content has proven to be very successful. With a talented production crew to hand, Richard and SubMotion continue to produce work that both engages with its audience and exceeds the marketing requirements.

CPD category: Digital integration
Duration: 1.5 hours

Registration and networking is from 18:00, the session starts at 18:30 and finishes at 20:30. If you are non-EU resident please call the Network Support team to make your booking.

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To contact a member of our Network Support team please call +44(0)1628 427340 or email cim.events@cim.co.uk.

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