June 18, 2018

6:00 PM - London


Companies and marketing professionals are constantly searching for the next big thing in today’s digitally-driven world of ever-expanding opportunities. Snapchat is ‘so yesterday’ but HouseParty is ‘so tomorrow.’ However, in the effort to gain an edge on the competition in a world of micro-segmentation, is there a chance that we are losing sight of the most important thing a marketer should consider: finding out what the customer wants and simply giving it to them?

The tools and channels of marketing may have changed over time, but the marketing principles of strategy, targeting, positioning, meaningful messaging and effective communication remain the same. In an all-seeing results-driven world, have we lost sight of that basic principle and, if so, might it be time for marketers to reconsider what they are doing by going back to basics? Is the data-tail wagging the marketing dog? Do we sometimes confuse the medium with the message? And can we really trust the (supplied) data?

CIM Travel Group’s third quarterly Travel Marketing Event will ask whether marketers can get waylaid by the myriad of means and numerous routes to market when sometimes a more simple solution might be the best way forward. Should we take a fresh look at press and radio, for example? And is 2018 really the year that TV dies? It will explore whether travel marketers should be thinking smarter in the digital age and if a return to using good old-fashioned common sense to better engage with customers and ultimately sell more products is the old/new way forward.

CPD category: Customer experience
Duration: 2 hours

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Wallacespace Spitalfields
15 Artillery Lane
E1 7HA
United Kingdom

Sector: Travel

Region: London
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