October 16, 2018

6:00 PM - Hull

In June 2016, the UK voted marginally to leave the EU in an historic referendum. The choice to leave or remain was a closely fought battleground, with many factors influencing the outcome. Whilst Marketing has always been a feature of political campaigns, the use of social media by both sides of the argument was at an all-time high. The dust has still to settle, but the role of social media, ‘fake news’ and 'automated bots' have been debated as potential reasons for causing some people to vote leave. Micro-targeting certain voters with distinct messages is one area that was used heavily by the leave campaign and this is now being challenged from an ethical view point.

At this event, Peter Andrews, Award-winning Marketing and Senior Lecturer at the University of Hull Business School, will explore this topic. He'll discuss how social media was actually used, what are the 'bots', did it really make an impact on the way people voted and was it ethical? This interactive session will also consider what businesses can learn from micro-targeting and how to implement it within their organisation.

Peter Andrews said “There is a big debate about how social media affected the referendum and we now have enough evidence to shine a light on what really happened and debate on how ethical this was in political marketing. At the same time, we operate in a digital landscape where we can micro-target and customise our messages, but, too many marketers are missing opportunities for growth. Research shows how deeper insights and testing can yield huge results, so why not try some of these techniques, just as the vote leave campaign did”.

This event is kindly sponsored by Elevation Recruitment.

CPD category: Digital Integration
Duration: 1.5 hours

Registration and networking is from 18:00, the event starts at 18:30 and finishes at 20:00. If you are non-EU resident, please call the Regional Events team to make your booking.

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Hull University Business School
Cottingham Road
United Kingdom

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Sector: Social Marketing

Region: North
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Speakers: Peter Andrews


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