September 20, 2022

1:00 PM - Webinar Express

In this session, we’ll bust two big myths.

• Myth 1: Negotiation is a mystical art which only the few can master. The truth: Anyone can negotiate anything, provided they have the right tools, mindset, and support.
• Myth 2: Marketing has nothing to do with sales negotiations. The truth: Part of negotiating is about explaining the value/ROI/uniqueness of your solution, which is at the heart of marketing’s role.
By attending you’ll learn about:
• The critical importance of marketing in value-based selling and negotiations
• A few of the negotiation foundations and building blocks
• Some common negotiation mistakes and personas
• An easy to use, four step process to negotiate anything and get a better result
Speaker: Mike Lander, Founder of Piscari
Mike has been working in businesses at executive level for over 20 years. He is a successful entrepreneur and negotiator, with a proven track record of buying, growing, and selling businesses for seven-figure sums. Mike has a uniquely valuable perspective on negotiating commercial deals, having worked on both sides of the table as a procurement director and an entrepreneur. He now uses his specialist knowledge and experience, negotiating hundreds of deals worth 400m+, to help business leaders and sales teams to negotiate more profitable deals. 
Mike writes a monthly column at The Drum entitled “Ask the negotiator” and is the founder of Piscari.

The webinar is kindly hosted by the CIM Greater London Group and lasts approximately 40-45 minutes inclusive of a Q&A session after the presentation.

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Speakers: Mike Lander


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