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  • National Apprenticeship Week: Why consider one?


    National Apprenticeship Week – Why consider an apprenticeship?

    This week is National Apprenticeship week. The week aims to highlight the work undertaken by employers and apprentices across England and the impact their work has had on businesses and communities. It also aims to recognise how employers of all sizes have stepped up to support young people find jobs during these unprecedented times. 

    In this article, we will take a look at what an apprenticeship is and the benefits associated with an apprenticeship in marketing, sharing first-hand experience from those who have completed a marketing apprenticeship programme, spanning at different stages of their careers 

    What is an apprenticeship?

    Apprenticeships are real jobs where you gain practical experience in your chosen industry whilst you study. They offer valuable, industry-approved training and networking opportunities for people of all ages and for all levels of experience.

    What are the benefits of doing an apprenticeship?

    Like many you may want to know whether an apprenticeship is right for you? Whether one can meet your skills and interests? To help we spoke to a number of training providers and apprentices in apprenticeship schemes. See below some of the key benefits to why enrolling onto an apprenticeship programme can help kickstart your career:

    1. Gain on-the-job experience in many industries

    An apprenticeship is a modern way an organisation can fund the development and upskilling of its workforce to support career progression. Earning whilst you work is a great way to continue at work in your chosen industry while learning new experiences.

    At CIM, we believe in the importance of professional marketing training including apprenticeships. It ensures consistency and quality in the standard of marketing at all levels. Apprenticeships are a critical route for people to enter the marketing profession. To find out about how CIM can support you on your marketing apprenticeship journey, click here

    1. Apprenticeships are for everyone, not just for students

    Apprenticeships can be suit to a range of people and their skill sets, which are matched to equivalent educational levels. There are 4 main levels of apprenticeships which are Intermediate – Level 2 (GCSE), Advanced – Level 3 (A Level), Higher – Level 4, 5,6 (Foundation degree and above), and Degree – Level 6 and 7 (Bachelor’s or Master’s degree).

    1. Recognised professional qualification

    Many apprenticeships recognise your efforts by allowing access to professional qualifications at the end of your programme. For example, a marketing or digital marketing apprenticeship could see you on your way to gaining a respected CIM qualification at the end of your apprenticeship and your career prospect a valuable boost. For more information on exemptions, click here

    1. Apprenticeship training is funded

    There are no tuition fees or costs for the apprentice. Depending on the employer, they’re fully or part funded by the government’s apprenticeship levy. For more information, click here

    1. The opportunity to network

    By doing an apprenticeship, not only can you gain the right skills whilst working, but it also means you’re able to connect with professionals in your chosen industry. Such as gaining access to a mentor to give you guidance and support or lead you to new opportunities after completing your apprenticeship could be advantageous for your career progression.

    What do apprentices really think?

    Despite the impact of a global pandemic and the challenges to not just learning and development but to everyday life, marketing apprentices have still carried on with their studying. We found out what their thoughts and feedback were on undertaking a marketing apprenticeship programme.

    A survey by one of CIM's Accredited Study Centres, Professional Academy, revealed that the confidence, career prospects and salary expectations of attending apprentices had greatly increased as had their practical knowledge and ability to define measurable career goals for their future.

    Speaking to marketing apprentices who had either completed or were undertaking an apprenticeship with CIM’s Accredited Study Centres, it was quite easy to see the benefits, which could be had:

    Erin, marketing executive apprentice said: "I am thoroughly enjoying this apprenticeship. I am learning something new every week - from the workshops, to completing the tasks. Within the first couple of months, I was able to bring back new knowledge to my team members and explain to them what I had learned and how we can interpret it into our marketing.”


    Lucy, marketing manager apprentice said: "I work much better when I have the knowledge to back up what I am doing, and this course has definitely made me more confident in myself and my abilities.”


    Molly, marketing manager apprentice said: "Engaging, practical and helpful for my role!”


    Kaitlin Slack, marketing executive at Plan.com said: "The programme gave me the ability to work towards a professional qualification and work on my full time career at the same time. Plan.com, has also been super supportive and allowed me to put ideas I’ve learnt into practice on the delivery of campaigns and strategies.

    “For anyone thinking of doing it, I’d say it's worth it! It is hard work managing the workload between the learning and a full-time job, but the rewards you get, and the knowledge achieved, helps to push yourself in your role even further. Definitely great for anyone who wants to push themselves in the industry and learn more about the current trends to stay up to date."


    Laura, marketing executive apprentice said: "The apprenticeship overall is going great and I feel like I have already learnt so much. The tutors and mentors have all been fantastic, ensuring we are constantly supported and learning in a fun and engaging manner. I would most certainly recommend!”


    Harry Laverick, marketing assistant at Fortec Distribution Network said: “I would say it’s a no-brainer to choose an apprenticeship. Not only has it allowed me to gain valuable work experience but it also enabled me to build an extensive portfolio of professional-grade work that shows how my skills have developed. I would not be where I am today without completing one.”


    To find out more about how CIM can support you on your marketing apprenticeship journey click here or to speak to one of CIM’s Accredited Study Centres, click here




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