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  • Professional and specialist support throughout the apprenticeship journey

    As one of the world’s leading professional marketing bodies, CIM have long believed in the importance of developing and supporting marketers.

    Committed to enabling professional marketers to thrive in their roles and deliver long-term business success, CIM are here to help apprentices unlock their full potential and build a successful career in marketing. We recognise that apprenticeships provide a clear and credible route for people to enter and progress within the marketing profession.

    Working alongside employers in the Trailblazer group, CIM have played a key role in the development of the marketing apprenticeships and has a detailed understanding of the requirements of EPA.  We value and recognise the importance of the EPA apprentice journey and use our years of experience and expertise to provide the support required.

    As an Ofqual-recognised and ESFA-approved End-Point Assessment Organisation, you can be confident that CIM is the end-point assessor for you, whether you are an employer, training provider, or apprentice. Carrying out consistent and quality End-Point assessments for the following standards:

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    EPA costs

    What is End-Point Assessment?

    End-point assessment (EPA) is the final stage of an apprenticeship. It is an impartial assessment of whether the apprentice has developed the skills, knowledge and behaviours outlined in the apprenticeship standard.  Assessments are designed by employers in the sector and are conducted by independent bodies known as end-point assessment organisations (EPAOs). CIM is an Ofqual-recognised and Education & Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) approved EPAO.

    Why choose CIM as your End-Point Assessment Organisation

    One of the world’s leading professional marketing bodies

    The world’s largest community of marketers that support, represent and develop marketers, teams and the marketing profession as a whole.

    Worked alongside the Trailblazer group

    As part of the Trailblazer group involved in the design and development of the Apprenticeship Standards Employers, Apprentices and Apprenticeship Training Providers can be assured that CIM has a detailed understanding of the requirements of EPA.

    Excellence in customer service and support

    At CIM we believe in the importance of professional marketing training so have a team in place to support and guide you from registration to completion and to answer all your questions.

    Access to CIM's EPA Toolkit

    CIM have developed support for Apprentices to help them prepare for EPA. The EPA toolkit includes CIM EPA Gateway Checklist, Project Plan submission form, templates and mock questions.

    The Marketing Apprenticeship journey with CIM

    Booking EPA with CIM

    Registration for EPA: CIM encourage Employers/Apprenticeship Training Providers to register Apprentices for EPA with CIM at an early stage of the apprenticeship programme to access the CIM EPA Toolkit with resources that will support the Apprentice through Gateway and preparation for EPA.