Negotiation is a key work and life skill. It takes place with external companies and customers as well as internally with peers, bosses and project teams. Getting better results in terms of timelines, price or quality all contribute to bottom line profitability. This course will enable participants to get the best results using a persuasive but collaborative negotiation style.

Who should attend?

Those who wish to build a good understanding of how to structure and run a high quality negotiation or who have to negotiate with customers either formally or informally. Many attendees will not have had any formal negotiation training before but find it is an increasing part of their role.

No formal experience is needed to attend this course.

Learning outcomes

  • Plan effectively, get the best results and anticipate the other side’s position.
  • Open a negotiation effectively to set the right tone.
  • Understand your requirements and those of the other party to assess where the best deals can be done.
  • Receive and respond to proposals, until an acceptable solution to both parties has been found.
  • Handle attempts to win unwarranted concessions and keep the negotiation going when a deadlock is possible.
  • Close a negotiation effectively.


Non-Residential: £595
Member Non-Residential: £536
* Prices shown are exclusive of VAT. Prices include tuition, course materials and full board accommodation on residential courses.

Course Dates

Start Date End Date Location
20 Mar 2018 20 Mar 2018 London
20 Jul 2018 20 Jul 2018 London
23 Nov 2018 23 Nov 2018 London

Course Director

Martin Brooks

Martin Brooks is an extremely experienced facilitator who has worked with major organisations to improve their negotiation skills. Not only has Martin thoroughly researched the skills of successful negotiating, he uses his 20 years of experience in various sales management roles to give relevant examples and expertise. Martin has been running negotiation courses with great success at CIM since 2009.

The CIM Experience

  • Expert trainers - Passionate specialists who keep up to date with the latest trends in their field.
  • Quality delivery -  Trainers are assessed annually on the quality of their delivery and delegate engagement.
  • Practical training methods - Theory and practical based training to take back to the office.
  • Small class sizes - No more than 15 people to ensure you get the most from our trainers.
  • Wide breadth of topics - Marketers should understand marketing as a whole, not just digital.
  • 3 learning levels - Introductory, Advanced and Masterclass.


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