This course is designed to ensure that copy produced by your organisation is accurate, readable and achieves the intended purpose. Effective proofreading requires more than just a keen eye and the course provides knowledge and insight that should significantly improve the quality of copy that your organisation circulates. The content can be applied immediately to your business.

Who should attend?

Everyone in your organisation has to ensure that copy-errors are avoided, so this course is suitable for people at all levels, even senior management. The training is particularly relevant to people who are responsible for checking copy as part of their day to day role. 

Whether you are involved in proofreading or copywriting, this course can help you.

Learning outcomes

  • How to improve the quality of copy.
  • Recognise and remove tautology.
  • Avoid clichés.
  • Use positives, comparatives and superlatives correctly.
  • Ensure correct punctuation.
  • Economise on copy.
  • Read copy to detect errors.
  • Understand grammar and the construction of sentences.
  • Turn passive copy into active copy.
  • Use hyphens, apostrophes and quotation marks correctly.
  • Use punctuation for emphasis and ease of reading.
  • Avoid circumlocution.
  • Identify and remove homophones.

Course Dates

Start Date End Date Location
11 Jan 2019 11 Jan 2019 London
23 Apr 2019 23 Apr 2019 London
07 Jun 2019 07 Jun 2019 London

Course Director

Cole Hanrahan

Cole has developed and delivered marketing communications programmes for many major organisations. He has experience in winning contracts, advising companies on their marketing communications, providing communications solutions and assessing marketing communications plans. His approach is to help delegates understand what they need to do to achieve practical outcomes that can be applied in the workplace.


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