This two module programme will equip account managers with the skills and tools to develop and implement detailed dynamic account strategies and plans for their key accounts. Using their own customers as case studies, participants establish how ‘best practice’ principles can be applied to managing their own key accounts whilst adding immediate value into their own organisations.

Who should attend?

Those responsible for managing face-to-face relationships with customers that have a significant impact on achieving the organisation’s business objectives. Participants should have three years sales experience, six months of which should ideally have been in an account management role. The course is also valuable for managers and directors intending to implement a key account management strategy within their organisation.

Learning outcomes

  • Recognise which customers are key accounts.
  • Understand the scope of the key account management role.
  • Recognise the stages of a key account relationship.
  • Develop a strategic key account plan.
  • Identify the potential in your customers.
  • Use professional business analysis tools.
  • Develop internal teams to meet the needs of key accounts.
  • Identify and develop DMUs.
  • Utilise internal resources in a virtual team environment.
  • Understand the impact of key account management on internal communication and customer records.
  • Develop a strategic plan for a customer - and get feedback.

Course Dates

Start Date End Date Location
07 Feb 2019 15 Mar 2019 Moor Hall

Course Director

Simon Houghton

Simon Houghton has over 35 years’ experience in sales, marketing and management, and has been the lead CIM Course Director for Key Account Management for over 12 years. He has extensive experience of developing key account managers in client-specific and open environments.


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