This 4h intensive session 0900-1300 provides both the inexperienced and experienced presenter with the tools to engage an audience with zero or very little dependence upon PowerPoint in order to create greater impact and/or to differentiate him/herself.

Who should attend?

  • Those who recognise the critical nature of true engagement with an audience to sell, inform or lead and that PowerPoint often damages that process.
  • Those who are seeking a fresh approach to their presentations. 

Learning outcomes

  • Understanding why PowerPoint so often fails to engage.
  • Specifically study through discussion, example and case-study the seven traits of brilliant presenting:
  • State: the critical nature of your personal energy and presence. How to develop this.
  • Space: the three vertical and three horizontal dimensions and the power of the leader/stage intersection.
  • Story: nobody, just nobody can resist a story. How to create an appropriate one and how to tell it with finesse.
  • Structure: no: not beginning, middle, end. Actually beginning, middle and action. 
  • Spikes: to keep attention high.
  • Storyboard: you are the movie director. Plan like one. 
  • Slides: and now maybe, maybe, maybe you need a slide or two. But no more.
  • An action-plan for immediate implementation in one’s own organisation. 

Course Dates

There are currently no available dates for this course

Course Director

Nicholas Bate

Nicholas Bate headed strategic marketing for Oxford, UK IT pioneer Research Machines. His small, focused consultancy, Strategic Edge works with organisations around the world (from Amsterdam to Quebec) to help individuals realise and release their full potential. He is the author of some twenty business and personal development books, the creator of the incredible Personal Excellence, Instant MBA and Presenting without PowerPoint seminars and the Fast-track series. He is author of the very popular and active blog.strategicedge.co.uk. He holds an MA in Chemistry and Molecular Biophysics from Oxford University, a PGCE, level 2 MBTI accreditation and is an NLP Master Practitioner. Current long-established clients include Microsoft, Novartis, Starbucks, Google, American Express Travel, The BBC, Capital One, Mitchells & Butlers and Channel 4. He is recognised as an amazing presenter, a prolific and inspiring writer with an uncanny ability in both formats to turn complex ideas into simple actions.


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