Investment in skills development delivers the greatest return when learning is relevant and applied, but it can be difficult to know where learning is required.

During this phase, we assess your organisation’s marketing competence in one of two ways: 

1. Our experts can come into your organisation and provide analysis of marketing capability and development advice.

2. You can use our Marketing Analysis Portal (MAP) to identify the marketing capabilities within your organisation.

What is the Marketing Analysis Portal (MAP)?

This diagnostic tool allows you to directly identify individuals’ needs and highlight trends across your organisation. This enables you to be more targeted in your training and development efforts and maximise your investment.

Designed by CIM, MAP is built on our Professional Marketing Competencies. A framework of marketing abilities and a guide to the skills expected of capable and competent marketing professionals.

How does the Marketing Analysis Portal (MAP) work?

MAP analyses your team’s academic understanding, experience and knowledge by asking them a series of questions on marketing concepts, models and scenarios.

There are two different ways to identify the capabilities of your team.

  • Linear – Questions asked are specific to the level of the individual e.g. if profiled as a marketing manager, they will only be asked questions specific to this role
  • Adaptive – Questions asked are initially specific to the level of the individual, however depending on answers given, the questions will adapt to higher or lower levels e.g. if profiled as a marketing executive, they answer questions at this level but the answers they give could change the next question to a marketing manager or marketing coordinator role

MAP can be retaken after a period of time to demonstrate progress made, and can show a comparison of first and second results.

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