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ABM requires a strategic approach as companies understand that high-value prospects and client expansions may require a more personalised approach. This masterclass will take you through three strategic approaches: Strategic ABM, Scaled ABM and Programmatic ABM centred around targeting, engagement, and measurement.

We will look at how to align your content to your persona mindset using the latest technology to deliver maximum performance bringing together your CRM, social channels, display advertising, content promotion, remarketing and marketing execution platform to deliver seamless communications across both on and offline channels. Referencing technology such as Salesforce, Adobe, Hubspot, Marketo, LinkedIn, Tech Target and Demand Base.

We will explore how to align cross-functional teams, processes, and technology across the martech stack to deliver more successful sales conversions, improved account relationships, better customer service and more efficient use of budgets.

With the latest thinking, practices & case studies, the 2-day course takes a strategic approach to improving your current ABM, explores ABX and focuses your marketing across acquisition, retention and engagement to deliver personalised, automated and optimised communications.

Who should attend?

Set at an advanced level, the course is designed for marketers or sales teams who want to improve their ABM expertise and are looking to develop strategies that improve performance and demonstrate impact.

Learning outcomes

  • Learn more about Strategic ABM, Scaled ABM and Programmatic ABM
  • The latest ABM best practice and how to implement it for growth
  • Define a strategic ABM approach for your company
  • The differences between ABM and ABX
  • Building data-led audience profiles focused on the audience, account & sector
  • Identifying and influencing the buying committee
  • Aligning content and channels to your audience and determining the right scale to achieve your objectives
  • Build awareness of different martech stack options in support of achieving reach, personalisation, automation, and conversion
  • Increase your awareness of the right type of ABM technology to scale effectively
  • Learn how to uncover insights to understand account interactions and buyer intent across the customer journey
  • Learn how to build continuity in your communications
  • Understand the role of teams across customer service, sales & marketing in creating connections, building relationships, and delivering ROI
  • Use of strategic frameworks to apply insights which will help you to deliver more efficient use of budgets
  • Reporting, metrics & proving impact

Course Dates

Start Date Duration Location
11 Jan 2024 2d Virtual
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18 Apr 2024 2d Virtual
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12 Jun 2024 2d Virtual
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Course Director

Sarah Jones

Sarah specialises in the development and implementation of marketing strategies that accelerate revenue, profit, and value for business. She is highly skilled in strategy, digital marketing, digital transformation, data, CRM, multi-channel marketing, ABM, campaign management, metrics and automation. Working in B2C and B2B across sectors, Sarah has held senior leadership roles with brands including Asda, Mars, Experian, Regus, Pfizer (Wyeth) & BOC. As well as running her business, Sarah is a consultant and trainer for the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), is a regular public speaker, and appears on radio and industry panels to explore how marketing can be used to deliver business growth and ROI.


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