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This course is designed for marketers who want to effectively use AI tools to attract and engage customers. The focus of this course is on understanding and implementing AI-powered solutions in the customer journey; from acquisition to lead generation. Throughout the day we will be using the leading AI tools, including ChatGPT to:

  • Conduct research and ideation
  • Understand product-market fit
  • Create more relevant personas
  • Develop assets for awareness campaigns
  • Optimise your marketing campaigns
  • Engage visitors using personalised experiences

Who should attend?

This course is designed for marketing professionals who want to use AI tools to optimise the customer journey. This course is suitable for those with no previous experience in analytics, coding, or machine learning.

Learning outcomes

  • The role of AI in the customer journey
    • A look at recent trends and the rate of adoption
    • What’s causing the buzz
    • A review of the key off-the-shelf tools (demo)
  • Conduct research and ideation
    • What are Large Language models and their main challenges
    • The 4 ways to do research and find your value proposition
    • Use Orange for text mining and sentiment analysis (hands-on)
  • Determine your product-market fit
    • How to use Kimola to explore product-market fit (demo)
    • Use Orange to explore product-market fit (hands-on)
    • Use ChatGPT to write interview scripts (demo)
  • Develop audience personas
    • Use ChatGPT to create relevant personas (hands-on)
    • How to build audience personas for YouTube (demo)
    • How to find out the personality traits of your audience (hands-on)
  • Create assets for awareness campaigns
    • Quick introduction on MidJourney and Stable Diffusion (demo)
    • Use ChatGPT for keyword research & content creation (demo)
    • Use ChatGPT to create responsive, display and Facebook ads (demo)
  • Discover tools to optimise your marketing campaigns
    • How to optimise your targeting with Adext (demo)
    • Predict the performance of your campaigns with Morphl (demo)
    • Do multivariate testing with Marpipe (demo)
  • Engage visitors using chatbots and personalised experiences
    • The future of engagement with AI Agents (demo)
    • Deploy ChatGPT on your site (demo)
    • Use ChatGPT plugins to engage with your visitors (demo)

This course will be using ChatGPT, Orange, Google Sheets, Video Ask and Stable Diffusion. These tools are free to use (or trial), and you will be asked to sign up prior to the course.

Course Dates

Start Date Duration Location
19 Dec 2023 1d Virtual
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23 Jan 2024 1d Virtual
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29 Feb 2024 1d Virtual
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22 Mar 2024 1d Virtual
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25 Apr 2024 1d Virtual
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20 May 2024 1d Virtual
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26 Jun 2024 1d Virtual
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Course Director

Sarah Jones

Sarah specialises in the development and implementation of marketing strategies that accelerate revenue, profit, and value for business. She is highly skilled in strategy, digital marketing, digital transformation, data, CRM, multi-channel marketing, ABM, campaign management, metrics and automation. Working in B2C and B2B across sectors, Sarah has held senior leadership roles with brands including Asda, Mars, Experian, Regus, Pfizer (Wyeth) & BOC. As well as running her business, Sarah is a consultant and trainer for the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), is a regular public speaker, and appears on radio and industry panels to explore how marketing can be used to deliver business growth and ROI.


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