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    Artificial Intelligence presents new opportunities for marketers to become more productive and effective. This interactive one-day course will explore how AI can assist with content planning, copywriting, visual moodboarding, image creation and video production.

    You will gain skills to leverage the latest AI tools such as ChatGPT, Claude, Midjourney, ElevenLabs, Descript and Lumen5 to understand your audience better, plan engaging content tailored to them across a range of platforms and produce content of all types at a greater speed and quality. You’ll learn which tool is best for each task in the content creation process, and how to craft your prompts to get the best results.

    Get ready to be hands-on, as we’ll tackle a real content brief on the day requiring you to use the leading AI tools to produce text, images and video. You’ll come away full of fresh ideas and practical skills that you can apply immediately after the course.

    Who should attend?

    This course provides an in-depth introduction to the leading AI tools for social media and content marketing and their potential as a performance-boosting co-pilot. The AI world moves fast, and this course is always up-to-date with the latest tools and best practice.

    Learning outcomes

    • The fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence and its implications for content creation and social media marketing
    • How to apply AI in various aspects of content production including planning, ideation, re-writing, summarising and researching
    • Generate social media plans with varying content and tone of voice across the platforms
    • Get to grips with the leading AI tools such as ChatGPT, Claude, Midjourney, ElevenLabs, Descript, Lumen5 and more
    • Become a confident prompt engineer, learning and practicing your skills on the day to create content ideas and social media posts
    • Develop your content plans and ideas with the help of AI in keyword research and content calendar generation
    • Plug GPT into your existing tools e.g. Google Docs to automate content production
    • How your content can be optimised for increasingly AI-curated search and social platforms
    • Emerging trends in AI for social media and content marketing



    Emily Earl PR & Social Media Manager Blundell's School

    Course Dates

    Start Date Duration Location
    09 Jul 2024 1d Virtual
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    29 Aug 2024 1d Virtual
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    02 Oct 2024 1d Virtual
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    13 Dec 2024 1d Virtual
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    Course Director

    Will Francis

    Will runs and creates digital marketing training programs for many of the leading institutions. His marketing expertise draws on nearly two decades spent working with the world’s most loved brands - through a social network (MySpace), a global ad agency (Adam&Eve DDB) and the digital agency he founded (Harkable). He is a published author, with a new title published by Penguin Random House due out in 2023. Will is a regular contributing expert in the media as well as at industry conferences and events, sharing his expertise and opinion on the digital matters of the day.

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