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    The emergence of AI technologies has had a significant impact on B2B marketing, transforming the industry and presenting a wealth of remarkable opportunities. AI has revolutionised analysis, advertising, and lead generation, unlocking unparalleled potential to enhance marketing and business performance.

    Navigating this vast array of AI technology can be overwhelming, leaving B2B marketers with questions on where to begin and which AI marketing technologies to consider. This one-day course aims to address these questions and provide comprehensive insights into the diverse applications of AI in B2B marketing. We will explore the latest AI technologies within the context of B2B marketing, specifically focusing on how AI can enhance lead generation, capture invaluable customer and organisational insights, facilitate the creation of compelling B2B content, enable personalised marketing strategies, and more.

    By the end of this course, you will possess a comprehensive understanding of the various AI tools available for B2B marketing and how they can be effectively leveraged. With this knowledge, you will be equipped to make informed decisions and harness the power of AI to optimise your marketing efforts and drive business success.

    Who should attend?

    This course will show you how to harness the full potential of the latest AI tools and technologies in B2B marketing. You will discover how to effectively utilise AI tools to drive success in key areas such as lead generation, customer insights, personalisation, customer journey mapping, and content marketing.

    Learning outcomes

    • Understand key AI trends in B2B marketing
    • Capture customer and account insights using AI
    • Create targeted buyer personas with AI tools
    • Account management using AI-driven strategies
    • Identify suitable B2B leads through AI-powered techniques
    • Generate high-quality B2B leads using AI methodologies
    • Improve interactions and conversions with AI
    • Implement personalised AI in website and email marketing
    • Enhance B2B content marketing with AI for efficiency
    • AI tools for copywriting, text, video and image creation
    • Select appropriate AI tools for B2B marketing needs

    While this workshop typically features Delve AI, Lusha, ChatGPT, Oppwiser, Chatsonic, Wordtune, Wepik, Colossyan or Synthesia, SlidesAI, Stability.ai and Notion, we remain flexible to incorporate newly available AI tools. All tools are free to use.  

    Course Dates

    Start Date Duration Location
    01 Jul 2024 1d Virtual
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    05 Aug 2024 1d Virtual
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    16 Sep 2024 1d Virtual
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    01 Oct 2024 1d Virtual
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    06 Nov 2024 1d Virtual
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    02 Dec 2024 1d Virtual
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    Course Director

    Simon Hall

    A Senior Marketing Director with around 25 years’ experience in B2C and B2B marketing. Has held a number of senior roles including more recently UK CMO at Dell for 5 years; other roles held were EMEA Marketing Lead at Microsoft, EMEA BU Unit Director at Acer as well as senior roles at Toshiba, Dell, and Philips. Simon has over 2 decades of experience in B2B digital marketing and has been working with hundreds of organisations in creating and rolling out B2B digital marketing strategies and initiatives. He is also author of the books ‘Innovative B2B Marketing’ and ‘B2B Digital Marketing strategy’.

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