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    We negotiate every day in our business and private life. Imagine what better outcomes you could have if you negotiated a little better each time. If you’ve ever walked out of a formal negotiation feeling like you could have achieved a better outcome, or questioned some of the concessions you made, there’s a good chance the person you were negotiating with had negotiation tools you were unaware of. You may even have experienced an uncomfortable feeling during a negotiation about where it’s going but felt unable to alter the course of the concessions you are making.

    Whether the negotiating you are doing is a formal negotiation - with a client or supplier, or an informal negotiation with your boss or teammate, you want to feel confident in your negotiation skills. The tools of this course will enable you to plan and execute better negotiated outcomes, that don’t come at the cost of the relationship with the person you are negotiating with.

    This course covers a range of the tools top negotiators use to achieve their outcomes and gives you the opportunity to practice these skills during the course.

    Who should attend?

    Those who recognise the importance of negotiation to their individual success, as well as the success of their organisation. They’ll recognise that they are in formal and informal negotiations every day and want to be on the front foot in those negotiations. They’ll recognise their negotiation skills could get even better – and realise that with an increase in skill, comes better outcomes. They’ll want to feel confident, no matter who they are negotiating with and see attending this course as an opportunity to achieve that.

    Learning outcomes

    • Plan effectively, get the best results and anticipate the other side’s position
    • Open a negotiation effectively to set the right tone
    • Understand your requirements and those of the other party to assess where the best deals can be done
    • Receive and respond to proposals, until an acceptable solution to both parties has been found
    • Handle attempts to win unwarranted concessions and keep the negotiation going when a deadlock is possible
    • Close a negotiation effectively


    “I really enjoyed the course. Probably the most enjoyable course I have attended in a long while. I thought the course leader was a great communicator and very welcoming, knowledgeable and engaging. I would definitely recommend.”

    Clair Gill Account Manager Registry Trust Limited

    "Very good, informative 5*.”

    Debbie Hird Indirect Buyer REE Automotive

    "Martin was amazing, super engaging, the content was super practical and useful.”

    Rita Lobo Pinho Business Enablement Executive Critical Software

    “Challenging and thought-provoking. I came away with a long to-do list and feel empowered by it.”

    Emma Bagley Client Services Director Starbots Creative

    Course Dates

    Start Date Duration Location
    25 Jul 2024 1d Virtual
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    27 Sep 2024 1d Virtual
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    13 Dec 2024 1d Virtual
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    Course Director

    Martin Brooks

    Martin Brooks is an extremely experienced facilitator and communication professional. He has helped executives all over the world improve the results they get in their negotiations. Not only has Martin thoroughly researched the skills of successful negotiating, he uses his 30 years of industry experience to give relevant examples and applications. Martin’s expertise has been featured on the; BBC, LBC radio and on the Discovery Channel and he is also a published author. In 2021 Body Language Decoder was published to great critical acclaim. Martin brings a depth of experience to his courses, but he is also laser focused on adapting the course to help each individual learn what they need to become an even better negotiator.

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