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The ability to communicate straightforward and memorable messages to your employees has arguably never been more important. With remote working becoming commonplace and a relentless pace of organisational change, it’s vital that your workforce is kept up to date and engaged. 

In this interactive one-day workshop, you will have the opportunity to work on practical exercises directly related to typical internal communications challenges. Find out how to craft compelling emails, news updates and intranet content, while also delivering impactful campaign messages on key corporate themes and objectives.

Who should attend?

This course will appeal to those working directly in internal communications or HR, as well as marketing practitioners who have responsibility for employee communications. It is not essential to have undertaken any previous copywriting training and the course is open to anyone with an interest in improving their writing. 

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the essential principles of good copywriting for internal communications 
  • Focus on the aspirations and motivations of your internal audiences  
  • Communicate employee messages clearly, effectively and concisely, leading to greater attention and engagement
  • Learn about the challenges and opportunities of different internal comms channels
  • Discover how to create internal campaign messages that really resonate 
  • Reinforce your employer brand through copy that reflects your core values and projects your personality
  • Construct a compelling narrative embraced by your employees 
  • Practise your writing through realistic exercises 
  • Receive constructive critique and commentary  



Course Dates

Start Date Duration Location
12 Dec 2023 1d Virtual
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14 Feb 2024 1d Virtual
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15 Apr 2024 1d Virtual
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13 Jun 2024 1d Virtual
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Course Director

Phil Woodford

Phil Woodford is a highly experienced copywriter and former creative director who has worked with agencies that specialise in internal communications and employer brand. For his Master’s degree in Occupational & Business Psychology, he undertook research into the role of corporate values in shaping the perceptions of job applicants. Phil teaches at University of the Arts London and private French university network INSEEC U.


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