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As product managers it’s our job to make sure our products and services address three key areas:

  1. Are they desirable - do they meet a market need?
  2. Are they feasible - can we actually deliver them?
  3. Are they viable - will they be profitable?

In this course, we will help you to spot good opportunities that deliver value to both your organisation and the customer at all stages of the product lifecycle; give you techniques to improve how you pitch for the resources to deliver them and help you move faster and cheaper throughout the development stages.

Who should attend?

This workshop is designed for marketers who want to explore a range of leadership techniques to tackle some of the most challenging professional issues in today's complex professional environment. This course is suitable for experienced leaders who want to add to their leadership toolbox, or those recently promoted into positions of leadership who want to develop critical leadership skills quickly.

Learning outcomes

  • Time planning: the tips and tricks to building a personalised time planning system
  • Procrastination: the myths and misconceptions and how to unravel it as a habit
  • Boundaries: the 3 types of boundary line to master and how to implement them
  • Delegation: the common mistakes to avoid and how to delegate with more confidence
  • Difficult Conversations: how to deliver them effectively
  • Imposter Syndrome: how to help you beat Imposter Syndrome once and for all
  • Negative Feedback: how to deal with negative feedback
  • Burnout: what it is, the common myths, triggers and symptoms and how to prevent it.
  • Critical Decision Making: using heuristics and the ISA model to improve decision making
  • How to spot problems using techniques from elephant spotting to the pre-mortem

Course Dates

Start Date Duration Location
01 Feb 2024 1d Virtual
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02 May 2024 1d Virtual
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Course Director

Andrew Pain

Andrew is a TEDx and approved Vistage speaker and ICF accredited coach, on a mission to prevent burnout and create decisive and resilient communities of people. Through 2021-2022, he's been working with diverse organisations including; Amazon, Lloyds, Yorkshire Ambulance Service, Essex County Council and Aston University, helping people to make better decisions, to form better habits and to safeguard their wellbeing, whilst also delivering on their responsibilities and aspirations. Andrew is a father of 5, a productivity geek and in his spare time, works closely with a midlands-based charity which tackles poverty and homelessness. He's also a trustee for a charity which supports families where children are the perpetrators of domestic abuse.

Virtual delivery

Our virtual delivery format is designed to deliver engaging and interactive experience using short bursts of content delivery, group breakouts, interactive polls, multimedia case histories and how-to-do workshops.


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