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With Apple blocking, by default, all third-party cookies in 2021 and Google planning to do the same by the end of 2023, prospect and customer data is changing forever. This reinforces the fact that first-party data is the cleanest, most valuable and defendable data in an organisation.

This masterclass will show you how to develop customer growth through a first-party data strategy. This means focusing on all touch points where you can rightfully and legally gain data. It also covers systematic development of data for targeting and messaging actions designed to improve sales customer experience.

Who should attend?

  • Marketers looking to broaden their understanding of an industry change that will impact significantly in the next 1-3 years
  • B2C marketers in e-commerce
  • B2B marketers working on lead generation and account-based marketing
  • Start-ups looking to develop growth hacking strategies

Learning outcomes

  • How to develop a commercially viable first-party data strategy
  • How big tech are changing to meet the privacy first environment
  • Understand the impact of first-party data on digital and programmatic marketing
  • Using the DAART framework for customer data collection, privacy control and usage
  • Look at the future of first-party data, CRM, CDP and DMP systems
  • Review first-party data examples, statistics and case studies

Course Dates

Start Date Duration Location
29 Jan 2024 1d Virtual
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04 Mar 2024 1d Virtual
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29 Apr 2024 1d Virtual
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Course Director

Graham Hansell

Graham has over 25 years’ experience in digital marketing, originally working for the UK's first web directory and then as founder and owner of the UK's first search engine optimisation company. Graham is very experienced in planning and executing everything from national digital lead generation campaigns through to global multilingual digital demand generation programmes. As a Planner he focuses on establishing customer journeys via Organic and Paid and then moving people from “unknown” to “known” in the owned media at the earliest possible opportunity, allowing them to provide First-Party Data. He excels in delivering his wide experience to delegates within his own easy to understand frameworks and using practical real-world examples so people can apply what they have learnt.

Virtual delivery

Our virtual delivery format is designed to deliver engaging and interactive experience using short bursts of content delivery, group breakouts, interactive polls, multimedia case histories and how-to-do workshops.


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