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This online course takes the marketer deep into current privacy legislation, building practical knowledge of core principles and key definitions such as lawful basis and consent. It provides both a consumer’s and a marketer’s perspective of GDPR, including the responsibilities for managing an individual’s rights. The course hits all the key ‘pain points’ in the marketing funnel where the marketer can feel frustrated by the law including:

  1. Website and first-party lead generation
  2. Third-party lead generation, acquired data
  3. Email marketing (opt-in and opt-out)
  4. How to use soft opt-in on an e-commerce site
  5. Cookies, cookie banners and website analytics
  6. Profiling, lead scoring and complex ‘cloud CRM provider’ algorithms

This course shows how to achieve ethical, profitable and legally compliant use of personal data across your organisation, whether managing customer, client or staff data.

This course is built around 3 hours of online content and you will have access to the content for twelve months.

Login details will be sent by email within 24 hours of booking. Where bookings are made outside of office hours, login details will be sent the next working day. 

For the best experience, we recommend using Google Chrome or Apple Safari when using a mobile device. Please get in touch if you have any questions regarding technical requirements. 

Who should attend?

Those needing to understand how privacy and data protection laws impact on personal data captured, held, used and shared within and beyond their organisation. For business owners, marketing directors and managers – and those of us who have responsibility and decision-making powers over the ways in which personal data is processed. 

Learning outcomes

A step-by-step guide to compliance in the ‘marketing funnel’ including:

  • The laws of data protection and privacy (UK GDPR and PEC Regs)
  • The EU/UK legislative landscape
  • Core definition and concepts
  • The six core principles of UK GDPR
  • Sensitive data and explicit consent
  • Key privacy and data protection rights

Bonus Content

You will be given access to a regular podcast update from the Course Director, who will guide you through the significant changes to legislation, case law and changes to regulatory guidance. This invaluable content will ensure you are always up-to-date and leading your organisation with the latest knowledge and information.

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Course Director

In partnership with iCompli

Duncan Smith is a Director of iCompli Ltd, a leading UK consultancy delivering compliance solutions in governance, risk, and compliance since 2004. Delivering consultancy, teaching, and technology-led solutions to help manage the risks arising from non-compliance with information law and privacy legislation, including outsourced Privacy services and staff training. Duncan leads iCompli in developing and delivering training courses for many of the UK’s leading Professional Bodies including information law and privacy courses for the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and the Governance Institute (formerly ICSA). He leads the iCompli ‘compliance as a service’ portfolio, acting as the Data Protection Officer for iCompli clients in both public and private sectors. An engaging speaker and motivator of people and a certified information privacy professional in Europe (CIPP/E), he has delivered compliance solutions to a wide cross-section of UK and US industries.


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