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    This is The Chartered Institute of Marketing's definitive guide to Marketing. This structured online programme equips you with the essential knowledge, strategies, and tools for developing and delivering effective marketing plans. The Complete Guide emphasises a methodical approach to understanding marketing contexts, developing relevant strategies, setting objectives, selecting appropriate channels, and executing and analysing data-driven communications campaigns.

    Developed by a team of experienced professionals, each recognised as an expert in their respective field, this online programme guides you with real-world insights and practical applications. The course comprises six core modules featuring webinars, best practice case studies, the latest marketing insights, and a collection of useful marketing guides and templates:

    1. Marketing Landscape: Understand marketing trends, challenges and opportunities 
    2. Marketing Strategy: Create marketing strategies and optimise your marketing mix
    3. Marketing Insights: Use data for targeting and understanding customer journeys
    4. Marketing Comms Planning: Create plans with clear goals, budgets and forecasts
    5. Digital Marketing: Use digital channels for awareness, conversion and building loyalty
    6. Marketing Performance: Build evaluation frameworks to assess marketing performance

    Access to the content is granted for twelve months, with login details provided within 24 hours of booking. For optimal experience, we recommend using Google Chrome or Apple Safari on mobile devices. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any technical requirements or questions.

    Who should attend?

    This course is aimed at those seeking to establish a solid foundation in marketing fundamentals and professionals interested in exploring advanced strategies and best practice.

    Learning outcomes

    • Understand the current marketing and business landscape, identifying challenges and opportunities
    • Develop a commercially viable marketing strategy aligned with business objectives
    • Optimise your marketing mix to enhance ROI and drive business growth
    • Create a distinct brand positioning strategy
    • Leverage customer insights for growth, employing effective segmentation and targeting strategies
    • Develop customer journeys that enhance experiences and drive conversions
    • Create comprehensive strategic marketing plans with realistic, measurable goals
    • Gain an understanding of the key digital marketing channels and their role in reaching and engaging target audiences
    • Build accurate marketing budgets and forecasts for effective resource allocation
    • Develop an evaluation framework to measure marketing performance, identify critical success factors, and report outcomes
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