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    The CIM’s ‘Neuromarketing Masterclass’ provides you with a wealth of neuroscience-based information that will literally take your marketing to the next level.

    When you approach marketing from the perspective of the customer and consider how your materials are going to be received within their brains, you can achieve dramatically different results. Due to significant advances in neuroscience technology, we are discovering how the brain interprets and makes sense of the world around it. And in many cases, it is not even close to what you might think!

    These insights are incredibly powerful, as they make up the elements which drive our behaviours. Only 5-10% of what goes into making decisions, is information that we have conscious access to. The other 90-95% is subconscious and below the level of our awareness. Think about those figures in the context of market research – all the focus groups, surveys, panels and interviews can only ever access 5-10% of the information which goes into the buying decisions we make. However, neuroscience can interrogate it all. What difference could that knowledge provide for you?

    In the ‘Neuromarketing Masterclass’ you will learn the keys to making your materials capture attention, be more engaging, and create more impact for your organisation. You will be introduced to the most recent academic discoveries and shown how to apply them in your business and situation. All of which will be achieved from the fascinating perspective of understanding how these processes take place within the brain.

    Who should attend?

    The ‘Neuromarketing Masterclass’ is for you if you are looking to give yourself, and/or your organisation, the competitive edge. Maybe you are an innovator, or someone who likes to do things differently. Maybe you are just curious about consumer behaviour and ways we can better understand our customers and clients. This course will allow you to plan and create content with a detailed appreciation of how it will be received within the brains of your audience.

    Learning outcomes

    • The way your customers’ brain works (spoiler alert, it is also the way yours works)
    • Which regions and processes in the brain are key to successful marketing campaigns, and understanding why
    • The different brains you need to direct your marketing materials to, and how to do that
    • The key elements which your brain needs in order for your content and brand to stand out
    • Examples of good and bad practice that can be seen in everyday situations
    • Clear takeaways which you can implement in your business straight away

    Course Dates

    Start Date Duration Location
    12 Jun 2024 2d Virtual
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    31 Jul 2024 2d Virtual
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    09 Oct 2024 2d Virtual
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    04 Dec 2024 2d Virtual
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    Course Director

    Katie Hart

    Katie has created a career out of bringing together psychology and marketing, two disciplines which complement each other, but are rarely used to their full potential. She brings over 30 years of psychological knowledge to her keynote speeches and workshops, providing delegates with insights and methods which significantly improve their enjoyment, their recall and their success. Katie is a tutor for the world-renowned Cambridge Marketing College, specialising in Customer Insights and as a member of the Professional Speakers Association, she has delivered sessions for small and large groups, within a wide range of corporate settings, a number of schools and even as part of an ongoing programme within prisons. Katie has recently completed a Masters in Applied Neuroscience with King’s College London, passing it with distinction. This enables her to bring the very latest academic knowledge, discoveries and insights to her training. Her sessions promise that you will enjoy and learn from them, whilst providing you with practical tips you can implement straight away.

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