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    The importance of selling yourself effectively to better persuade, compel, lead and inspire is something that marketers intrinsically appreciate. Yet in a world of shortened attention spans and multiple touch points, it can be harder than ever to make the kind of impact you desire. Supercharging your personal impact gives you the opportunity to increase your self-awareness and start to develop an approach to managing your impact on others which will help put you back in control of how others see you and the work that you do.

    This course will help you:

    • Create the right impression across all your interactions 
    • Ensure that others see you in the best light
    • Build a career based on your core strengths and skills

    Businesses will benefit from:

    • A more confident, focused and high performing individual
    • A marketer who is better able to impress and influence 
    • A marketer who can build better teams

    Who should attend?

    • Anyone who has ever been tasked with raising their profile in front of clients but has wondered where to start
    • Anyone who has ever had feedback about needing to appear more confident and showcase more presence in front of others but needs some practical advice on what to actually do to make that happen
    • Anyone who regularly has to sell themselves in order to win or grow business

    Learning outcomes

    • An understanding of the meaning and value of ‘personal brand’ in the context of business and career development
    • The creation of an initial personal brand statement
    • A better understanding of your online brand footprint and how to develop it in line with your brand statement
    • Strategies to help you manage and deliver on your personal brand in all face to face interactions (including when giving presentations)


    “Fantastic with much food for thought.”

    Sandra Bundock Head of Events and Marketing The Physiological Society

    Course Dates

    Start Date Duration Location
    28 Jun 2024 1d Virtual
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    30 Aug 2024 1d Virtual
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    18 Oct 2024 1d Virtual
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    13 Dec 2024 1d Virtual
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    Course Director

    Reuben Milne

    The former agency creative director, Reuben has over 20 years of marketing experience at local and global level across a range of B2C and B2B brands. Having spent a large proportion of that time presenting and pitching to clients, stakeholders and other interested parties, the last 8 years has seen Reuben use this expertise to help individuals and organisations develop their narrative and storytelling skills. From corporate keynotes to intensely personal TED talks, Reuben has helped hundreds of marketers at all levels of agencies and organisations translate their thinking into powerful, memorable presentations that resonate for audiences large and small. Reuben is a much sought-after speaker, panel moderator and event MC himself and as such is in a unique position to be able to support speakers with both their content and the delivery of that content, helping them sell themselves as well as their ideas to any type of audience. He offers a relaxed, down-to-earth coaching style that combines passion and expertise –to help delegates increase their performance.

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