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    As product managers it’s our job to make sure our products and services address three key areas:

    1. Are they desirable - do they meet a market need?
    2. Are they feasible - can we actually deliver them?
    3. Are they viable - will they be profitable?

    In this course, we will help you to spot good opportunities that deliver value to both your organisation and the customer at all stages of the product lifecycle; give you techniques to improve how you pitch for the resources to deliver them and help you move faster and cheaper throughout the development stages.

    Who should attend?

    B2B and B2C product owners, managers, executives and product marketing managers, who are responsible for managing and growing existing products and finding innovation opportunities for new products and new markets.

    Learning outcomes

    • Explore opportunities for growth across the full product lifecycle
    • Review the key reasons why many new ideas fail & explore approaches to counteract them
    • Learn a 7-step process to work out which new ideas are worth presenting
    • Adopt an evidence-based approach to internal pitching & decision-making
    • Explore ways to improve alignment to your product vision, roadmap & backlog within a broader stakeholder group
    • Explore customer discovery techniques that establish you as the customer champion & deliver effective value propositions
    • Discover helpful agile / lean approaches including the test-measure-learn-iterate cycle to reduce your development costs & time to market
    • Find product-market fit through co-development, rapid prototyping & experiments
    • Improve your “go-to-market” strategies using the traditional 4P model
    • How to set personal & product measures of success (KPIs)

    Course Dates

    Start Date Duration Location
    15 Jul 2024 2d Virtual
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    28 Aug 2024 2d Virtual
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    08 Oct 2024 2d Virtual
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    26 Nov 2024 2d Virtual
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    Course Director

    Julia Shalet

    Julia Shalet, known as the Product Doctor, is an award-winning innovator who has brought many new products and propositions to market and helped others to do the same. Her book, The Really Good Idea Test, has been published by Pearson and won an Axiom Business Book Award in 2021. She works with product teams, management and innovators from many different walks of life to adapt their culture and processes to work more innovatively, move ideas forward by making evidence-based decisions and develop product strategy, roadmaps and plans that get the most out of products across the lifecycle. Her recent work at a FTSE 100 company, training and certifying over 100 product coaches internationally, helped them win an award for corporate innovation culture change. Championing anti-waste, her insights and methods are focused on delivering products, services and experiences that people really want and need. Her work has been recognised by the BBC on tv and radio, in the Guardian, Observer, Independent, Techcrunch and her articles have been published in Forbes, Red and Management Today.

    Virtual delivery

    Our virtual delivery format is designed to deliver engaging and interactive experience using short bursts of content delivery, group breakouts, interactive polls, multimedia case histories and how-to-do workshops.

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