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    Have you ever wanted to create presentations that are more effective, compelling, insightful and actionable?

    Do you feel we are all increasingly dependent on weighty decks of data, endless charts and passionless quantity over enlightening insight?

    Do you need to reduce swathes of material into something pithy, cogent and memorable?

    In a world that is “data rich insight poor”, this course shows you how to move beyond data, facts and information and harness the emotional power of storytelling to win over any audience.

    Who should attend?

    This course is for anyone who prepares and presents arguments, recommendations and conclusions – either for themselves or their company (all levels from Director downwards). Those who present data or research will find it particularly useful, such as research agencies, media agencies, ad agency planners and account managers, client insight/research teams, sales managers etc.

    Learning outcomes

    • Unlearn why we have allowed ourselves to worship numbers and facts, rather than emotion and story
    • Learn how to think, speak and present in stories not catalogues and make your communications simpler and more persuasive
    • Discover how to get beneath “attention spam”
    • Follow the 6 S.I.M.P.L.E. rules
    • Find out how to build The Golden Thread
    • Storyboard your presentation
    • Discover the power of headlines
    • Understand the “2/3 rule of timing”
    • Edit, edit, edit
    • Carry out exercises with live material, including “heroes and villains, conflicts and quests”


    “Great course, made by the course director.”

    Will Lord Demand Marketing Manager TrueLayer

    Course Dates

    Start Date Duration Location
    18 Jun 2024 1d Virtual
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    17 Sep 2024 1d Virtual
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    03 Dec 2024 1d Virtual
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    Course Director

    Anthony Tasgal

    Tas has created or endured over 12,000 presentations in his career. As a result, he has trained over 2,000 people on the subject of storytelling for over 15 years from the UK to Australia, China and the US. He is a global speaker, did his first TEDx talk in Newcastle in November ’23 on the topic of the lost art of storytelling, and regularly reviews the papers and contributes on marketing and communications subjects on TalkTV. Tas has been a CIM Course Director for over 15 years, also running courses on Brand Storytelling, Behavioural Economics and Creative Briefing. He is the author of 5 books including “The Storytelling Book”, which has sold over 35,000 copies globally, “The Inspiratorium”, “Incitations”, “The Storytelling Workbook” and “The Insight Book”. His sixth- The Customer Behaviour Book- will come out in Spring 2024.

    Virtual delivery

    Our virtual delivery format is designed to deliver engaging and interactive experience using short bursts of content delivery, group breakouts, interactive polls, multimedia case histories and how-to-do workshops.

    Do you have a question?

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