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    The world in which we market our solutions is changing, the acceleration of trends, digital transformation, economy uncertainty, dynamic data...we could go on. The way we do marketing itself is changing, at the CIM we see many challenges to marketing excellence as organisations try to adapt and marketers struggle to merge the traditional way of doing things with the new marketing science. As marketers we need to get ahead of the curve, so that we can successfully navigate our organisations's path to profitable growth against this ever-shifting backdrop.

    This stimulating and highly practical Masterclass will bring you the top tips, tools and latest techniques to navigate these changes, overcome common challenges and build the winning strategies and plans that will drive your organisation’s profitable growth. The programme will inspire and challenge you with real world examples, throw light on the latest marketing practices and science, and help you merge this next practice with the brilliant, proven fundamentals to keep your marketing approaches ahead of the game. It will give you an opportunity to develop your network with like-minded individuals, share common challenges and learn from other’s experiences. You will leave with a personalised playbook of the planning tools and techniques which you will be ready to apply to your business.

    Who should attend?

    Any marketer who needs to use the best of traditional and emerging marketing next practice to develop winning marketing strategy and plans that will accelerate profitable growth. 

    Learning outcomes

    • Understand the biggest challenges in marketing and the implications for your organisation 
    • Develop strategy based on best practice marketing “Way of Working frameworks and next practice marketing strategy systems 
    • How to apply the marketing science on how brands grow aligned with traditional marketing strategy approaches 
    • How to take a wide, holistic view of situation analysis for different levels of strategic planning including portfolio/market coverage, innovation and renovation 
    • How to apply the principles of growth planning and opportunity assessment to future proof the business 
    • How to set a motivating ambition for your business that will connect with target audiences internally and externally 
    • How to identify the marketing challenge in customer termsand put the customer and insight at the heart of strategy for both scale and precise targeting  
    • Understand the implications of brand architecture and how to build compelling brand solutions that are both distinctive and differentiated 
    • How to activate the mix with big ideas, using the guiding principles of balancing long-term brand building vs short-term activation investment, the importance of fame and effective reach  
    • How to manage risk through scenario and contingency planning and how to future proof plans by building in strategic capability 

    Course Dates

    Start Date Duration Location
    01 Jul 2024 2d Virtual
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    22 Aug 2024 2d Virtual
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    03 Oct 2024 2d Virtual
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    04 Nov 2024 2d Virtual
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    05 Dec 2024 2d Virtual
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    Course Director

    Caroline Cook

    Caroline is a CIM Consultant and Course Director. She is also the founder of Brand Leadership Group which focuses on helping companies drive people centric growth, putting customer at the heart of strategy. Her senior team at Brand Leadership Group work closely with IE University in Spain, founding the Centre for C Centricity, building knowledge on how to drive and leverage customer, consumer and citizen centricity. She is an experienced Director of senior consultancy teams, bringing thought leadership and practical solutions for Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies across multiple business sectors for clients which have included GlaxoSmithKline, Heineken, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, UPS, Vodafone, Beiersdorf, Novartis, Nestlé, Danone, The Body Shop and LEGO amongst many others. Prior to her consultancy career she led marketing, communications and innovation for brands including Kenco, Dairylea, Philadelphia, Toblerone and was Capability and Marketing Excellence Director and Head of the Marketing Leadership Academy for Kraft Foods, inspiring and enabling marketing excellence for 2,500 marketers annually. Caroline has 30 years of developing marketing excellence and driving growth, she will share her own experiences and learnings with you, to help you win in your own challenges.

    Virtual delivery

    Our virtual delivery format is designed to deliver engaging and interactive experience using short bursts of content delivery, group breakouts, interactive polls, multimedia case histories and how-to-do workshops.

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