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This Masterclass is for marketing leaders and aspiring leaders, looking to holistically develop your leadership skills, using a hybrid of coaching techniques and tools to determine a leadership style that is authentic to you, plus the practical skills needed to lead your marketing function, organisation, and teams.

A key philosophy of the Whole Marketer approach is that ‘we can only help others in the extent to which we know ourselves’ and having this level of self-awareness and authenticity is now widely recognised as desirable and effective leadership traits. Therefore, the masterclass begins by focusing on you, by developing your personal understanding on what drives and motivates you and other individuals. We then guide through the process of defining your leadership style and approach.

Who should attend?

Marketing managers and aspiring leaders, looking for a coaching and training hybrid approach to developing a leadership style that feels authentic and relevant to their role.

Learning outcomes

Improve your personal understanding:

  • Clarify your values, purpose and career aspirations
  • Increase self-awareness of drivers and beliefs
  • Create strategies and goals for a rewarding marketing career

Define the type of leader you want to be:

  • Leadership styles that inspire and motivate
  • Understand essential leadership skills for future marketers

Practical leadership through:

  • Providing clarity for the team and individuals 
  • Creating Personal Development Plans (PDPs)
  • Managing culture and development work-streams

Course Dates

Start Date Duration Location
06 Feb 2024 1d Virtual
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07 May 2024 1d Virtual
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Course Director

Abigail Dixon

Abigail Dixon is an award-winning marketer and consultant, course director and capability consultant, Chartered Marketer, and fellow of the CIM. Founder and Director of award-winning marketing and capability consultancy Labyrinth Marketing. She is author and podcast host of The Whole Marketer, which aims to empower marketers to not only have a successful but fulfilled career in marketing and their lives. Abigail is passionate about supporting and empowering the marketers behind the brands and business; her purpose is to help others to grow. Abigail draws on her 20 + years’ experience as an award-winning marketer, working on and consulting for many household brands to step change the brands’ growth. She utilises her unique position to draw on her wealth of experience from having coached, mentored and trained 1000s of marketers across multiple sectors, industries and brands to define what skills marketers need to possess to not only be successful at what they do but also understand how and why. In addition to Abigail’s marketing credentials, she is also an accredited ICF coach – a business and life coach empowering people with the clarity and motivation to pursue their goals. Abigail’s support and personable approach is widely praised from her coachees.

Virtual delivery

Our virtual delivery format is designed to deliver engaging and interactive experience using short bursts of content delivery, group breakouts, interactive polls, multimedia case histories and how-to-do workshops.


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