Investment in skills development delivers the greatest returns when learning is relevant and applied, but it can be difficult to know where learning is required. During this phase, we can help assess your organisation’s marketing competence in one of two ways:

1. Our experts can come into your organisation and provide analysis of marketing capability and development advice.

2. You can use our online Marketing development needs analysis (DNA) tool which identifies areas of strength and skills gaps in the organisation, team and role levels.

What is the Marketing DNA tool?

Our marketing development needs analysis (DNA) is an online diagnostic tool which can assess your organisations marketing capabilities. Aligned with our Professional Marketing Competencies it is an ‘objective’ diagnostic, asking questions based on what skills a job role requires and the individuals' skills.

The tool provides complete control, allowing you to directly identify individuals’ needs as well as highlighting trends across your team and organisation. This enables you to be more targeted in your training and development efforts and maximise your investment.

What can the Marketing DNA tool be used for?
  • Create a bespoke learning and development programme which covers the individual, team and organisations needs
  • Define marketing roles
  • Measure individuals as part of the recruitment and selection process
  • Define training needs
  • Develop learning plans to help with future internal resource planning and talent management

Our experts can come into your organisation and take you through Marketing DNA step by step, performing a detailed skills and capability assessment, and providing an assessment of areas for improvement.

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