We can deliver a variety of training approaches to best suit the needs and availability of your team. These include off-the-shelf courses,            e-learning, workshops and qualifications as well as endorsing and validating existing internal programmes.

Find out more about each of our learning approaches:

Off-the-shelf courses

We have a portfolio of over 90 training courses which can be delivered by our quality assured, subject matter experts to your marketing team in-house or at a venue of your choice. The courses are split into three levels of learning: Introductory, Advanced and Masterclass and cover a wide breadth of the marketing discipline, ensuring there’s a relevant course for your team.

Specialist areas include:

  • Brand
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Communications
  • Research and Insight
  • Metrics and Measurement
  • Product Management
  • Customer Experience
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Copywriting and Content
  • Email and CRM
  • Search Marketing
  • Channel to Market
  • Essentials of Marketing
  • Regulation and Compliance
  • Sales
  • Business Skills
Tailored courses

If you’re looking for training tailored relevant to your industry or a specific challenge, one of our off-the-shelf courses personalised to your organisation’s needs could be the solution. We can improve the relevance of the learning by using our core course content, including industry examples and case studies applicable to your organisation.

Bespoke Workshops

Our workshops can accommodate up to 12 participants at a time and can be run in your offices as half or full day experiences. Run by our course directors, they are a mixture of practical application and theory matched to your industry. Customised case studies ensure the material is relevant to your organisation and industry, while interactive and practical learning methods give your marketers a fresh perspective on their own role and the organisation.


As it can be difficult to get your team to attend training on the same day, we offer two online e-learning platforms: CIM Academy E-Tutorials and Digital E-Learning Toolkit. The modules contain a mix of graphics, audio, video and quiz questions to make the learning process easy, enjoyable and engaging. The content on both platforms has been tested in the classroom and adapted for online learning. Each platform has the ability to provide your organisation with extensive reporting and track usage patterns, such as which members of staff have completed which modules and to which level of competency.


CIM Academy E-tutorials:

For organisations who have a mix of capabilities across different areas of marketing, this platform will help you to bring all your marketers up to the same knowledge level. It gives organisations the flexibility to pick topics and levels most relevant to your organisation’s needs. The modules cover topics from our Professional Marketing Competencies and has three levels based on current proficiency.


Digital E-Learning Toolkit:

For organisations who have a gap in their digital marketing skills and require a flexible way to increase team knowledge, this platform provides various interactive and easy to use digital marketing training modules. This platform gives team’s access to up-to-date digital content with two new modules added each month. Included into this platform is an assessment module that a user can complete to assess their confidence and capability across each area of digital marketing.


CIM is an Ofqual regulated qualifications provider and is accredited by the European Marketing Confederation. We currently have over 14,000 studying members in 110 countries and over 20,000 awards are taken by our students every year. Our professional qualifications support your organisation’s marketers by developing their knowledge and encouraging continued development. Our qualifications reflect industry trends from the marketing and business community, to add further value to your organisation. We can suit all levels of experience as we offer a range of qualifications – from those with no prior qualifications through to those who are more advanced in their careers.

The benefits of doing CIM qualifications as an organisation include:

  • Competitive advantage – keep your team up-to-date with the latest trends in marketing and stay ahead of your competition
  • Customised case studies – ensure the material is relevant to your organisation and industry to get the most out it
  • A mix of theory and practice – a unique opportunity to blend practical skills with academic understanding
  • Flexible study – bite-sized learning options to fit with your marketers’ busy work schedule
  • A choice of learning methods – choose face-to-face study, distance learning or a mix of the two (blended)
  • Interactive and practical learning methods – give your marketers a fresh perspective on their own role and the organisation
  • A route to become a Chartered Marketer – the highest accolade in the industry
  • International recognition – our marketing qualifications are recognised globally so are great for your marketers in offices all over the world
Recognition programme and content licensing

We understand that formal marketing qualifications do not fit the needs of all organisations. Likewise, existing modules or units within the suite of CIM qualifications may not always fit the requirements of employers and students. That’s why our recognition programme enables us to work in partnership with organisations and training providers, both large and small, to recognise good quality bespoke training programmes. The recognition programme consists of two routes:

1. Endorsement - Recognition of in-house, non-assessed training programmes against our Professional Marketing Competencies. It offers on-going services by way of annual review of programme, certification and CIM annual licensing.

2. Endorsement and validation - Recognition of in-house, assessed training programmes as above. In addition, it offers on-going services by way of moderation of marked assessments, ratification of marks at Examination Board and validation of assessment.

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