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Member Exclusive: How to create the ultimate user experience

  • Broadcast: Thursday 22 July 2021
  • Robert Elding

User experience (UX) should fulfil the needs of the customer, providing the positive experiences that turn one-time purchasers into loyal brand advocates. In an increasingly virtual world, marketers able to help define and structure the way people interact with their landing pages will grow the profitability of their business. More than ever, modern marketers need to master the practical design techniques that lead customers to the point of conversion.

Looking to increase online conversion? Join us for our next member exclusive webinar. CIM course director Robert Elding will offer his tips on how to create the products and services that customers love by providing a thoughtful user experience based around their needs.

Members can now watch this webinar on demand to find out:

  • The key benefits and principles of a good user experience
  • How to structure your information architecture in a logical way
  • How to bring his tips together for your own company by observing real-life examples.

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Robert Elding Course director CIM

About the Speaker

Robert Elding
Robert Elding Course director, CIM

Robert Elding is a postgraduate digital marketing and transformation specialist with more than 20 years experience in cross platform, product and proposition development, B2B, B2C, e-commerce blockchain and medtech. He is the founder of Channel Dynamics, and for CIM, he is the course director for our User Experience training course and a subject specialist in digital marketing, UX and CRO. 

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