CIM is pleased to announce that apprenticeship standards for Marketing Executive (Level 4) and Marketing Manager (Level 6) are now fully approved.

We’ve worked with a range of key employers, universities and apprenticeship providers, as part of a Trailblazer group, to ensure the apprenticeship standards for marketing accurately reflect the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to drive the development of the marketing profession.

We are working closely with selected partners who have a proven track record of delivering CIM qualifications and are also on the Register of apprenticeship training providers. These partners can work with you to develop a suitable apprenticeship delivery package which could include CIM qualifications, although they are not a mandatory part of the apprenticeship standards:

Cambridge Marketing College

Oxford College of Marketing

Professional Academy

We are continuing to develop the apprenticeship standards for a Marketing Assistant (Level 3) and a route to a Level 7 degree-based option. And we will also be applying to the Register of end-point Assessment Organisations to become an End Point Assessor for these standards.


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