What you will learn

Marketing (Mandatory)
A deeper understanding of marketing’s role, how it can be used to drive success and how you can apply the marketing mix to satisfy customer needs.

Integrated Communications (Mandatory)
The importance of effective internal and external communications in building sustainable relationships and delivering customer value.

Customer Experience (Elective)
How to respond to the customers’ expectations and apply metrics to enhance the customer experience.  

Digital Marketing (Elective)
Digital activities you can incorporate to improve multichannel marketing. As well as the key principles involved in monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of your digital marketing.

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Achieving the qualification

To achieve the full qualification, a pass in BOTH mandatory modules and ONE elective module is required. Each module can be achieved as an award.

Award available
Award available
Award available
Award available
Certificate in Professional Marketing

Do you qualify?

You’ll need to have a minimum of one year’s experience in the industry or a relevant level 3 qualification to study the Certificate in Professional Marketing.

If English is not your first language, you will need to demonstrate you’ve achieved an equivalent qualification. You can contact your preferred Accredited Study Centre to discuss your options, or for further information, you can download the qualification specification here.

What are the costs?

There are three cost elements* to studying this marketing qualification:

  1. To get started you will need to select your preferred Accredited Study Centre. Once chosen, contact the centre to discuss your tuition costs. Please note costs may vary for each centre
  2. Then you’ll need to become a CIM Studying Member, for which the annual cost is £60
  3. When studying, you’ll then need to book your assessments through CIM. The total assessment fee for this qualification is £435 (£375**).

*Figures based on successful completion at first attempt. This price does not include the fee for any resits required.
**Discount available to members who reside in countries listed as eligible for an international reduced rate.

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