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Catalyst issue 1 | 2019: Renew, reset, re-evaluate

Marketers should be looking to the new year with vigour and renewed purpose

In this issue, we take a comprehensive look at the role of marketing and ask if it is time for a reboot. In ‘Marketing’s Crossroads’ (p26), the first of our ‘Big Conversation’ roundtables, senior practitioners debate whether or not marketers are strategic enough, and if they need to re-establish the significance of marketing in their own organisations.

Our profile this issue is with Nationwide’s Sara Bennison (p22), who feels it is a brand’s – and a marketer’s – duty to speak out on behalf of consumers. She takes on the trolls, while in ‘Cause Célèbre’, our feature on conflict marketing (p38), we showcase the brands that hitch their wagon to a cause, using their profile for social good.

Our cover story, ‘High Noon’ (p16), delves into the luxury sector and examines how leading brands are fighting back against the fraudsters. Using the power of branding, it is about more than just keeping market share. Marketing takes on the copycats to protect consumer rights, and even has a role in taking down organised crime. Just one or two things on the to-do list, then. 

And perhaps you’ve been wondering if there’s something different about this issue? Maybe we’ve changed our hair? Is that the smell of new paint? Well, you’d be right. As marketing evolves, CIM and Catalyst is evolving along with it. With a brand new editorial team, supported by LID Publishing, we will bring a fresh take on the issues that matter most.

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Morag Cuddeford-Jones Editor, Catalyst magazine CIM
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