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Catalyst issue 1 | 2024: Golden Handcuffs

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Welcome to the first fully digital version of your favourite marketing magazine.

Your digital Catalyst is being brought to you with the same rigour, attention to detail, and globally sourced quality editorial as the print version was.

One of the frustrations of publishing a print magazine in the digital age has been all the great extra content that we wanted to show you, but could only include website addresses, which is somewhat cumbersome at the bottom of articles. In more recent issues, we created a ‘Digital Extra’ option for our digital readers to click through to videos or podcasts.

However, we wanted to provide you with a truly seamless experience. Our new fully interactive magazine does just that, allowing readers to engage with great stories and interact with rich media as they see fit.

The new digital version of Catalyst will also allow us to put our members at the heart of the magazine. Throughout the new Catalyst, there are ways for you to provide feedback and engage with the topics we cover, to enhance your reading experience.

So why not settle down with a cup of your favourite beverage and enjoy a range of curated insights and news from across the world of marketing? Why not start by delving into the world of the Paris 2024 Olympics and Paralympics, exploring all the City of Light will have to offer us this summer? Or maybe watch as Anthony Tasgal brings storytelling to life, sharing some of his favourite executions as he explains how marketers can make the most of their message.

The new issue will still cover the hard-hitting topics you have come to expect. For example, we examine loyalty schemes to find out if they’re really benefiting the consumer, something the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) will scrutinize closely in 2024. In this issue, we also examine the greenwashing conundrum and the trend towards ‘greenhushing’. It can feel like marketers are stuck between a rock and a hard place. If their sustainability credentials aren’t up to scratch, they risk being called out for greenwashing. But if they don’t shout about their achievements, they risk being overlooked by consumers.

As ever, it’s a packed edition and we hope you’ll agree that this evolution can only be a step forward in bringing some of the best insights the industry has to offer.

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