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Catalyst issue 3 | 2023: New generation

Technology and tenaciousness are the order of the day

I have a confession to make. I’m not terrifically good at technology, I still can’t figure out how to change the time on the oven. And now there’s a new technology for me to get confused by: generative AI. Artificial Intelligence that creates copy and images that look very much like they were done ‘in the real world.’

Aside from some of the more disturbing images of people with too many teeth and ten fingers on each hand produced by earlier versions, it’s taken a matter of months for the systems to get up to speed. Understandably, given the rate at which technology can learn, and the realism of its output, there are concerns. Not just around the inability to tell what’s real, but just how much, and how fast it’s learning.

Would it surprise you to know that our cover illustration was entirely created on Midjourney using clever prompts from our art director? Keep an eye on CIM’s social feeds for an exciting opportunity to get involved with an AI experiment!

Businesses are just dipping their toes in the waters of AI to work out what it can do for them, from analysing customer data to generating quick social posts. And as our cover story reveals (page 16), they’re using it to explore how it can help, rather than take over, the creative process.

If used correctly, there is no doubt that AI can be useful partner, particularly for resource-strapped organisations. This issue, we have shone a light on some of the opportunities and challenges entrepreneurs and small businesses face in competing with ‘the big boys.’

We often talk about the bravery of marketers, but we should reserve a slice of admiration for the entrepreneurs who are the very epitome of learning on the job, wearing multiple hats and putting in the hours to make their ideas a reality. Just as smaller businesses can gain nuggets of inspiration from big-name brands, we are sure seasoned marketers can still be inspired by their smaller cousins.

As always, it has been a joy to explore the varied landscape that is the world of marketing. Diverse topics from backroom accommodation to the Women’s Football World Cup, via data regulation and biscuit/cupcake hybrids, it’s proof as always that Catalyst has something for – and by – everyone.

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Morag Cuddeford-Jones Editor, Catalyst magazine CIM
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