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Digital Marketing Skills Benchmark 2023: Key Insights and Actions for Marketers

In October, Target Internet, in association with the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), published the latest Digital Marketing Skills Benchmark. The research tested and analysed the skills of over 10,000 people. The report provided an in-depth and detailed analysis of skills across the sector, but what are the key insights, and what actions should marketers be taking to stay ahead? In this article, we explore the trends you need to know and provide guidance regarding actionable activities marketers can undertake to stay ahead of the curve.

Key findings

The report reveals a mixed picture of progress and challenges in digital marketing. Although there have been improvements in areas like Social Media and SEO, these advancements are very modest to say the least, and there remains a significant gap in the level of skills within organisations and where those skills could and should be.

When looking at where skills are currently, and where they could be, the huge gap can look somewhat overwhelming. In reality, however, we don’t need everybody’s skills to be at 100%, we simply need to be slightly better than our competitors so that we can gain an advantage. We’ll explore below how you can achieve this in practice.

One of the most concerning findings from the report is the disparity between confidence and actual skill levels across most digital marketing disciplines. This overconfidence is particularly pronounced in Content, Usability, Social Media and Analytics,  leading to suboptimal levels across areas like content, social engagement, and user experience, which, as a result of skills gaps, are not effectively measured to drive improvements.

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Daniel Rowles CEO Target Internet
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