Member Exclusive: Marketing planning in a post-Covid world using SOSTAC® Exchange_Lock

Member Exclusive: Marketing planning in a post-Covid world using SOSTAC®

  • Broadcast: Wednesday 19 May 2021
  • PR Smith

The world has changed since COVID came along. Jobs, work, management, commuting, workspaces have all changed dramatically. The invisible triggers that make up day to day trading – supply, demand, and the market – have all adjusted under extreme circumstances. Three distinct crises are also occurring, almost simultaneously in the business community, creating distinct, long-term challenges for marketers.

However, new opportunities are emerging too. New ways of working mean new economic structures are possible. How will new post-Covid attitudes affect both consumerism and employment? Or is this simply an acceleration of the rapid change we have all experienced in the marketing industry? How much do we as marketers need to be aware of these changes?

Members can watch our webinar on demand, where SOSTAC® creator PR Smith will explore how his planning framework can provide a structure to deal with accelerated change. Tune in and you’ll learn:

  • What changing workspace strategy means for marketers
  • How three distinct crises are affecting the workplace right now
  • All about ‘Super AI’, ‘Hyper-Competition’, Clubhouse, and much more.


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PR Smith Founder Great Sportsmanship Programme

About the Speaker

PR Smith
PR Smith Founder, Great Sportsmanship Programme

PR Smith created the SOSTAC® Planning framework and is also the founder of the Not-For-Profit edutainment programme, the Great Sportsmanship Programme. SOSTAC® was voted in the Top 3 Business Models by CIM’s Centenary Poll and is adopted by KPMG Digital, Linkedin EMEA and EU, RBS, start-ups, disruptors, SMEs and CIM course centres around the world.

Paul is an international speaker (TEDxTalker), trainer, consultant and author (6 books in 8 languages).  His SOSTAC® Guide to your Perfect Digital Marketing Plan has just been published in 2021 (7th ed), while Marketing Communications is also in its 7th ed and Digital Marketing Excellence 6th ed has just been commissioned.

Paul is currently publishing ‘NFTs - a Guide for Marketers’ on his blog along with other posts re beautiful AI driven CleverBots. Paul was CIM’s first external examiner for what was then called ‘eMarketing’.

Paul’s NFP edutainment programme, the Great Sportsmanship Programme inspires a new generation of global citizens through short stories about sportsmanship. 

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