Qualifications: Aspire to be a senior marketer

Qualifications: Aspire to be a senior marketer

  • Broadcast: Thursday 27 June 2019
  • Martin Hutchins

As an aspiring senior marketer, the CIM Marketing Leadership Programme will take you from marketing professional to advocate for leading change. Additionally, the qualification provides you with the skills to influence marketing strategy at the highest levels within your organisation.

During this webinar you’ll have the chance to:

  • Find out where a professional marketing qualification at Level 7 can take you
  • Explore the entry requirements you’ll need to meet to study at this level
  • Discover how you can get started

We look forward to seeing you at upcoming webinars.

About the Speaker

Martin Hutchins
Martin Hutchins Managing Director, Professional Academy

Martin was once described by Steve Backley, Olympic Javelin medal winner and world record holder, as the decathlete of business. This is due to his all-round knowledge of the skills that are necessary to grow a successful business. As a leader he has built a formidable team in his own organisation, delivers workshops and speaks at conferences on what makes good leaders. Martin’s marketing and digital marketing skills have been honed over the past 30 years as a trainer and practitioner.

In addition to excellence in leadership, marketing and sales, Martin is partly qualified as an accountant and is an accomplished software programmer and hardware expert having recently migrated his companies complete IT infrastructure into the “Cloud”. Often giving his time freely to small business experiencing troubled times, Martin is passionate about business success driven by motivated and knowledgeable staff to the point that he is currently writing a book on a values driven approach to personal development.

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