Through this module, you will be able to understand what is meant by digital marketing and the key communication tools used. If your job already involves digital marketing or you wish to find out about digital marketing with the intention of starting out on a marketing career, then this elective module is suitable for you.

Aims of the module

This module provides you with an understanding of what is meant by digital marketing and the key communication tools used. It outlines the key factors that influence the digital consumer including social networks and virtual communities. It identifies the importance of developing campaign content aimed at specific market segments and how campaigns can be measured.

Module structure

The module comprises six learning outcomes and each learning outcome will be covered by the related assessment criteria. By the end of this module, you should be able to:

1. Understand what is meant by digital marketing.
2. Understand the key factors that influence the digital consumer.
3. Understand the key digital marketing communications tools.
4. Understand how to develop digital marketing content.
5. Be able to develop digital marketing campaigns.
6. Understand methods of measuring digital marketing campaigns.

Assessment: Assignment

You will be assessed by assignment based on a given scenario and an organisation of choice.

View module specification document.

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CIM level 3
Mandatory module

Estimated study time
80-90 hours

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