Driving value from desk research

Driving value from desk research

  • Broadcast: Thursday 27 February 2020
  • Jean Sutton

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When budgets are stretched businesses often turn to desk research to plug the gaps in their knowledge. Products, markets and competitors can all be researched on the web but what type of answers does this research bring you? Are you looking for answers in the right places, are you using the best tools and how do you avoid getting stuck down a search engine rabbit hole?

Marketers need to know the most effective and efficient way to build the whole picture. Desk research is a valuable part of being informed, but are you doing your research properly? If not, how can you form a coherent long-term strategy?

Watch on demand and discover more about:

  • When to use desk research and when to avoid it.
  • How to use Google and other search engines more productively.
  • 10 key types of information source to look for.
  • How to use this data to deliver maximum value.

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Jean Sutton Course director CIM

About the Speaker

Jean Sutton
Jean Sutton Course Director, CIM

Having managed over 100 projects for a range of public and private sector clients over the past 20 years, Jean advises on marketing strategy, customer satisfaction and new business development. Jean is known for locating hard -to -find information and has undertaken a number of desk research studies either as stand- alone projects or as a prelude to a targeted primary research survey. She also runs training courses for CIM and other international organisations.

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