Understanding your customer's digital journey

Understanding your customer's digital journey

  • Broadcast: Monday 16 March 2020
  • Ciaran Rogers

This webinar is now available to all users of Exchange. In light of the current circumstances, and to keep more people in touch with the marketing community, this webinar was released to non-members on 30 March 2020, two weeks after broadcast. Our members will continue to get exclusive access to live presentations of all member exclusive webinars.

Do you struggle to see the story and the user journey behind your analytics data? Do Google Analytics Graphs and Charts have you glazing over and looking for an escape route? If you can't make sense of your customer's digital journey, join marketing trainer and author Ciaran Rogers from Target Internet in this webinar exploring how marketers can measure online and offline results more effectively.

In this practical session we explore the variety of ways to get insightful data from your analytics but we'll also cover:

  • Elements analytics can't measure
  • Multi-channel funnel reports
  • The tools you need to measure your digital activity better.

Watch on demand, in this open access webinar, to find out more about understanding your customer's digital journey

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Ciaran Rogers Marketing Director Target Internet

About the Speaker

Ciaran Rogers
Ciaran Rogers Marketing Director, Target Internet

Ciaran is an experienced digital marketer and co-host of Target Internet's Digital Marketing Podcast. He has been practising and developing digital marketing techniques and strategies for the last 20 years working for a number of international brands including Liz Earle and The Sustainable Food Trust.

For CIM he is a course director for the Digital Marketing in Practice training course and the Digital Marketing Strategy Masterclass.

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