As an aspiring marketer, getting into the industry can seem daunting but finding your true potential in marketing is not limited to one specific route. If you’ve not figured out your route into the industry, you still have a range of options to choose from, each taking you to the equivalent level of an undergraduate degree and each giving you the opportunity to go on to take a Master’s degree.

Whether you want to earn and learn, have your heart set on a university or want to gain a recognised qualification, the choice is yours. Click on each route below to find out more.

Which route will you take?

Make it in marketing with a CIM professional marketing qualification

CIM Graduate Gateway programme - Make it in Marketing

Makie it in Markeitng with a marketing apprenticeship programme

More about marketing

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    Discover the latest marketing jobs in your area. 

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    Listen to our webinar to discover how to start your successful marketing career.

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    Explore the core principles of marketing in our insightful webinar.

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    Find your dream internship, placement or graduate role with Milkround. 

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