Social media usage continues to grow with the proliferation of new platforms and tools. This Specialist Award provides strategic insights into how social media can enable an organisation to reach, nurture, and engage with its target audience. It provides the knowledge and skills to create an effective social media strategy, alongside successful management of social media platforms to drive audience engagement.


Purpose Statement

This Specialist Award covers the strategic management of social media. It covers three key areas: the first area develops the necessary knowledge and skills to create an integrated social media strategy, the second area develops skills in effective social media management; and the third area covers application of measures and tools to assess performance of social media activities.



The CIM Level 6 Specialist Awards are assessed via onscreen Multiple Choice Test (MCT). The MCT will utilise a variety of Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) Types allowing for the assessment of higher order thinking and different levels of cognitive demand.

Award level
CIM level 6

Estimated study time
90 hours

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