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Report: Impact of Marketing - Rebuilding Careers

As the concluding part of the Impact of Marketing series, this report delves into the industry, examining how marketers can rebuild their careers in the post-pandemic landscape.

Our research will help enable marketers to be aware of the most prominent challenges facing marketers and position them to capitalise on the available opportunities. The insights provided will empower marketing leaders and their teams to confidently tackle emerging challenges and play a pivotal role in the industry’s readiness to embrace international prospects and thrive amidst economic difficulties.


Report cover

Report cover

Key insights from our latest marketing report:

The report identified a number of key trends, some of which represent encouraging progress made within the sector, including the provision of mental health initiatives and the positive impact this has had on employee wellbeing. We have also seen some recurring fears remerge, centring around 'cancel culture' and worries about experiencing burnout, which are particularly pronounced amongst younger professionals.

CIMs view:

"As marketers, we often spend the majority of our time thinking about how our customers and target audiences feel, ensuring that our campaigns resonate. We perhaps do not spend enough time thinking about how we feel in our professional roles and what we can do to improve them.

"Reviewing our latest research, I am encouraged that more within our profession are learning to put themselves first. The proportion concerned about burnout is increasing, but so too are the number determined to improve the situation by addressing work/life imbalances or flexing on salaries. Marketing has always had its big characters and mavericks, but it remains at heart a people profession, and it is clear those within it truly value spending time with their teams, and that there has been real progress in the industry in terms of diversity and mental health support made available.

"Recent years have proven challenging for people’s careers, from stilting progression, preventing team collaboration, or causing uncertainty on career choices. The coming years are crucial in cementing long-term interest to work in our sector.

"We hope the findings in our latest report can help provide the insights needed for marketers, and managers, to create a more fulfilling role and working environment for the talent we have and for those we want to welcome into the sector."

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