Member Exclusive: How will the death of third-party cookies affect your marketing? Exchange_Lock

Member Exclusive: How will the death of third-party cookies affect your marketing?

  • Broadcast: Thursday 23 September 2021
  • Duncan Smith CIM

Is your business prepared for the heralded death of third-party cookies? Since 2020, Google has cast doubt over the digital advertising industry, with many marketers unsure what the future holds. But is this really the ‘cookiepocalypse’ we’ve been dreading?  

If you’ve been awaiting the arrival of this so-called cookie monster, join us for our next member-exclusive webinar. You’ll learn how best to prepare for the death of third-party cookies, first-party data platforms and fingerprint farbling. CIM course director Duncan Smith will also help you make sense of Google’s ever-shifting privacy sandbox and the bird-themed, acronym-fest of Flocs and Pigeons. 

Members can watch this webinar on demand to find out:

  • How you can prepare for the impending death of third-party cookies. 
  • What this will mean for the future of digital marketing and advertising.
  • About Google’s privacy policy and what it means.

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About the Speaker

Duncan Smith CIM
Duncan Smith CIM CIM course director, CIM

Duncan Smith is the principal trainer for specialist consultancy iCompli® Ltd. who have trained and advised clients on information law and privacy issues since 2004. Combining a unique skillset of business process, marketing, information law and privacy laws enables Duncan to identify, understand and solve many of today’s privacy challenges. 

For CIM he is the course director for a number of our courses dealing in marketing law, such as GDPR and the ePrivacy regulation.

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