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  • A CIM qualification at Level 6 develops your strategic marketing skills enabling you to progress your marketing career and perform professionally at a management level.

    You’ll have the choice to choose from three qualifications at this level, to suit your individual career path. Each module can also be achieved as an individual award.

    Achieving the qualification

    To achieve the Diploma in Professional Marketing, you’ll need to gain a pass in both mandatory modules and one elective module. To achieve the Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing, you’ll need to gain a pass in all three mandatory modules. To achieve the Diploma in Sustainable Marketing you’ll need to gain a pass in all three mandatory modules. 

    Do you qualify?

    One or more of the following is required to gain entry onto this qualification:
    - CIM Level 4 Professional Certificate in Marketing or CIM Level 4 Certificate in Professional Marketing or CIM Level 4 Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing.
    - Any relevant Level 4 qualification
    - Bachelor's or Master's degree, with at least one third of credits coming from marketing content (i.e. 120 credits in Bachelor's degrees or 60 credits with Master's degrees)
    - Professional practice (suggested two years marketing in an operational role) and diagnostic assessment onto.

    If you have studied at one of our Accredited Degree Universities you will have gained exemptions from our CIM qualifications, meaning you will only need to complete two modules instead of three to achieve the Diploma in Professional Marketing/Digital Marketing. Find out more about the exemptions available for Accredited Degree University students.

    If English is not your first language, you will also need to provide evidence of achieving one of the following English Language qualifications within the last two years: IELTS Academic Module with overall score of 6.5 (each component pass mark must be 6.0 or above) or Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English grade B or above. CIM will consider other equivalent alternatives.

    You can contact your preferred Accredited Study Centre to discuss your options, or for further information, you can download the qualification specifications below:

    Diploma in Professional Marketing

    Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing

    Diploma in Sustainable Marketing

    Reasonable adjustments policy

    Reasonable adjustments enable a candidate with additional requirements to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and understanding to the levels of attainment required by the relevant CIM qualification specification. CIM ensures its Reasonable Adjustments Policy aligns to regulatory and legal requirements. The Reasonable Adjustments policy is available to learners on the MyCIM Portal once they are registered.

    What are the costs?

    There are three cost elements* to studying a marketing qualification at Level 6:

    1. Once you've selected your preferred Accredited Study Centre, contact them to discuss your tuition fees. Note that costs may vary for each centre.
    2. You'll then need to become a CIM Studying Member, for which the annual fee is £65.
    3. Finally, you'll need to book your assessments through CIM when studying. The total assessment fee for this qualification is £570. For students who reside in countries eligible for an international reduced rate, the total assessment fee for this qualification is £450.

    *Figures based on successful completion at first attempt. Additional fees will be required if resits are taken.